Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)- Thats why! Most small businesses focus their energy on working locally, with local clients. When a business invests in location it is important that they utilize Local SEO. Google Maps is one of the most powerful local SEO strategies that can increase your business!

Google Maps is so important to the effectiveness of local SEO simply because of its popularity, the second most used navigation tool isn’t even in the same ballpark. Really, 67 percent of people use Google Maps while the runner up only gets 12 percent market share. Using Google Maps as a part of your local SEO strategy could bring your business 5 times the traffic that any other navigation service could bring you. Millions of Google Maps users search for any number of businesses every day for a product or service they need. It is even more important when you factor in the use of google maps on mobile devices. The mobile app, when location is enabled, is a powerful tool to increase your business.

When used to its full potential Google Maps can vastly increase your presence in local search results, as well as potentially add the local authority to your brand for being the go to place when local customers need the product or service you provide. To sum it up simply- the proper implementation of Google Maps makes your business easier to find for potential customers.


Effective Google Maps Tips

  • Use Google My Business– claiming your business in google maps, to optimize the benefits of Google Maps you must also create a Google My Business Profile. It is important that you include your website address, email, phone number, physical address and any other information you feel is necessary.
  • Claim your business– If you are new to Google Maps as a marketing tool welcome to the land of possibility. With millions of daily active users who wouldn’t want to claim there spot and use Google Maps to their advantage. The first step is claiming your business so it is viewable as well as visitable to potential customers using the app. 
  • Use website links- links are the center of a strong SEO strategy as well as the center of local marketing. The reason these links are so important for your business to grow is because they are what Google uses to rank you in searches. The information in these links associated with your website will help Google better determine your industry, location and overall relevance, gradually Improving where you appear in searches.
  • On-page optimization- the next tip is optimizing your website for local SEO. Although it may sound simple, we are reminding you of this because its the most important. Be sure that the information you have used in your Google My Business account Matches the information displayed on your website. Beyond that the possibilities for on-page optimization are endless.
  • Google Advertising- Although SEO is a sure fire way to increase your business over time it is not the only way to go. If you feel like you need a short term boost and not a long term answer, a great way to increase traffic to your site quickly is the use of Google Ads. The ads you use on Google will not increase your organic rank the way local SEO can, they will boost your business to the top of searches for the time your ad is running. This is another great strategy to get a quick jump in traffic when you need it through Google Map ads and your Google My Business Account.

The best part about all this new and wonderful information on Google Maps and Local SEO is that we are here to help you get the full potential out of these tools. At Avocado In Market LLC we are a team dedicated not only to the success of our brand, but the success and growth of your brand as well, we win when you do. If you found this information helpful or you’d like to learn more about how we can help you increase your local business get a free SEO analysis today. You’ll get faster growth, increased clientele, and greater brand visibility for years to come!