What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is simply the practice of improving your websites organic (non-paid) search results. By knowing what key words you want your business to be  recognized for and implementing them in the right place you can vastly improve your business through SEO. Really its that simple, think of a search engine as a giant dictionary that combs through billions of words and relevant information related to whatever you search for in seconds! Now for example say you own a home cleaning service, search for “home cleaning service”  on a search engine and it only takes seconds for you to have multiple pages of home cleaning services and you cant find yourself on the list. This is where SEO could help you improve your business, even small changes like tagging images you use with keywords and taking the time to fill out directories can really help your business grow! Small changes like this are especially important when you are looking to increase your local business! Below is a summary video of the information covered in this blog, check this video out along with other great tips on how to improve your business marketing on our youtube page Avocado In Market LLC!

Organic Search

Yes google searches can be organic too, and yes they are better for your business. The multiple pages of home cleaning services we talked about earlier, remember those? They are called SERPs. A SERP or search engine results page has both organic and paid search results throughout with most paid ads being placed at the top or bottom of the page, with the organic searches throughout the main body of the page. Now why would you want to pay for SEO help if you can just pay for google ads that put you at the top right away? The reason that organic search results are able to separate themselves from paid search results on SERPs is lastingness. Paid search results are good but they are only inserted throughout the SERP temporarily while organic searches hold their rank over time. Moreover there are continually new SERP features, some of which can be influenced by SEO such as featured snippets and People Also Ask boxes. Between the organic SERPs and organic SERP features building a strong web presence with these tools is possible through SEO. You may be asking, really what is the benefit?

Benefits of SEO

Organic search results through SEO not only last in SERPS longer but they receive a lot more clicks than paid advertisements, of all us searches, only 2.8% of paid advertisements get clicks. That means 97.2% of clicks come from Organic search results and the potential for your business to grow is tremendous by having a good SEO Strategy. When Implementing a good SEO strategy it not only boosts your business now but it will pay dividends over time as well. When you have unique and engaging content that truly helps searches and ranks high with the right key words through SEO your web traffic can snowball over time. Although advertising through paid ads is a good way to temporarily boost business for things like special events, short term sales or better promote a specific product, in the long run SEO is the answer to grow your business and increase your web traffic.

Get SEO Help

The best part about all this new and wonderful information on SEO and how it can help grow your business is that we are here to help you get the full potential out of your website. At Avocado In Market LLC we are a team dedicated not only to the success of our brand, but the success and growth of your brand as well, we win when you do. If you found this information helpful or you’d like to learn more about how we can help you increase your business’s web traffic through SEO feel free hit the link for a free SEO analysis. You’ll get faster growth, increased clientele, and greater brand visibility for years to come!